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Fake news regarding the RSPCA


A Facebook post  regarding 5 dogs supposedly from the RSPCA in which all the dog breeds were wrongly identified and not checked for micro-chips is in fact not about the RSPCA at all! The person who posted the original post has removed it saying they got the wrong charity! Although the original post has been removed shared posts are still circulating.


The RSPCA Headquarters  have issued an official response and they are sharing it as much as possible.

We are also putting a post of our Branch Facebook page regarding this and we hope that people who have shared this post now knowing it is false will remove it.



A close shave for Sasha!


Sasha the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was collected by the Dog Warden and despite his best efforts he was unable to trace her owners so we took her in to find her a new home. Within a few days she started bleeding and was rushed to the vets. She was found to be suffering from a Pyometra and needed immediate surgery to save her life. The Pyometra was found to be very advanced and it was touch and go for 48 hours whether or not she would make it but she did pull through and when she is fully recovered we will be looking for new home for her. The cost of her operation and treatment so far is just over £1,300. If she had been straying for a week longer she would have died for sure. She is one very lucky girl.


A very happy ending for Berry


Berry (formerly known as Raindrop) is shown making herself at home after only a few days with her new owners. Yet another black beauty who has been adopted recently

A happy ending for Lucifer ( now Bertie)


Bertie's new owners Rachel & Alan got in touch to say how well he is settling in at his new home and that he is turning into a totally delightful, happy little cat. He is pictured relaxing and enjoying himself in his new home. Rachel & Alan asked for their thanks to be passed on to the staff at our cattery for all their help.



A happy ending for Tasha


Tasha's new owner contacted us and sent this lovely photograph of her. Katie told us that Tasha had settled in with them so well in Scarborough and that she was an absolute pleasure, so good and super loving. They didn't know what they would do without her now. They also thanked everyone in our local Branch so much who had help them with adopting Tasha and said how helpful and friendly everyone had been.

Feral cats needing homes


This is the first of several feral cats we are taking into care that are looking for new homes. They are ideal for living at stables, smallholdings or farms. They are coming in from outside our area and they are being tested and neutered as they arrive. They have all been living in an elderly gentlemans garden and sadly he has now passed away so here is no-one to care for them. Anyone interested in taking any of them on, or needing more information, please ring Julie on 07712459857.


Update: Nine of the ferals have gone to an amazing new homes now. Updated 22nd March.

The cattery on TV
A glimpse of the work in our cattery
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Forthcoming Events.




Sunday 7th - 10am onwards - Stalls at The Links Golf Club


Saturday 13th - 11am to 3pm - Collecting/Tombola Pets at Home


Sunday 14th - 11am to 3pm - Collecting/Tombola Pets at Home


Saturday 20th - 10am onwards - Stalls in Flamborough Village Hall


Friday 26th - 10am to 4pm - Collecting in Morrisons.


Rabbit fosterer Needed


We are in need of at least one new rabbit fosterer. A long standing fosterer has had to give up as a member of the family is ill and needs a lot of care.


We provide all equipment, food etc. For more information please ring Caroline on 07850190397



Hedgehogs in gardens can be fed on dog food and given water to drink until they hibernate. Under no circumstances should they be given milk as this can make them really ill or worse. Piles of fallen leaves and small twigs are ideal for them to hibernate over winter in gardens.


Hedgehogs should not be out and about in daylight. It is a sign that they are in trouble. Hedgehogs can be taken to our local vets for checking over and given any necessary treatment. They will then go to Jane, our hedgehog volunteer, or another hedgehog rescue.


Please see our designated hedgehog page for more information. 




Every cat that comes into our care has a full health check including being tested for FELV if appropriate. This is really important and especially so if going into a household that has existing cats. All cats are treated for worms and fleas. Our cats are given treatment for fleas and ticks that last for 3 months. With the exception of young kittens all cats are neutered and micro-chipped prior to adoption. Adopters of young kittens are given a voucher to cover the cost of neutering when the kitten is old enough. All this treatment costs our local branch over £100 for a male cat & £140 for a female. We keep cats in our care for a minimum of 3 weeks until they have been given both vaccinations. It costs £37 a week to board a cat so add that to the veterinary care makes the total cost in excess of £200 even if a cat is lucky enough to find a new home straightaway. Sometimes cats can spend many months in our care before they find their forever home. Many cats also need extra veterinary care, (not many come in in tip top condition!)such as dental treatment.

The adoption fee for a cat in our care is £65 so we think this is a very reasonable fee.  We do NOT charge more for kittens!

If you are looking to adopt a cat please look at the lovely pictures on our cats looking for new homes page. Ring 07712459857 for more information on cats and kittens.


Volunteers needed at our charity shop.


We have lost a few volunteers recently because they have either moved away from the area or due to ill health so we really need a few new ones now. We only ask people to work one shift a week which is either from 10am to 1pm or 1pm to 4 pm. Our Shop Manager will go through the preocedures with new volunteers and there is a straightforward application form to complete. We have a very simple till system which is easy to use.

If you are interested in helping us please call in our shop, ask for Julie and she will show you round and give you the form to complete and return to us. 



We have got a lot of raffles and tombola's organised this year so we would be really grateful for any unwanted gifts or other items for these. They can be taken to our charity shop on Quay Road or we can arrange to collect them. 

Winning Lottery Numbers

We really need new subscribers to our Lottery now as our number is well below 100 members.If you would like to join our Lottery and have a chance of winning cash prizes then click  the link below to download a Lottery application Form.

It costs just £1 a week (£4.34 a month) and there are three cash prizes every month. The top prize is £50. Second & third prizes are £20 each.

The winning lottery numbers for February are

1st  075

2nd 047

3rd 061

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Registered Charity Number



RSPCA 24 Hour Cruelty & Advice Helpline

0300 1234999


Report Cruelty on line


Get help and advice about animals from the national website


To adopt a dog or bird

01377 240325


To adopt a cat 



To adopt a rabbit or other small animal



General Enquiries


(This number is not to report animal cruelty - please ring the RSPCA helpline for this)


Bridlington Charity Shop



Bridlington Fund Raising

01262 673220


Driffield Fund Raising

01377 252361

Dog Warden (East Riding)

01482 393939



(Please do not leave urgent complaints about cruelty on this e-mail address as it is not manned all day. Ring complaints through to the 24 Hour helpline 0300 1234999)



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