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If you would like to give us a donation to help support our work with rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming unwanted and abandoned animals, please click on the Just Giving link below. 

Thank you very much for your support. It is really appreciated.


Important Information


The RSPCA has been made aware of people posing as fake Inspectors or impersonating staff and this is extremely worrying.

We want to ensure that the public, their animals and RSPCA staff are safe and that our officers can continue to carry out their vital work without being compromised by bogus officials.

A number of incidents have happened in different areas of the country where people have been targeted in their own homes or while out walking their dogs. Please make the Police aware by ringing 101 if this happens to you.

We are extremely concerned that some fraud callers are mirroring our emergency hotline number (03001234999) to make outgoing calls claiming to be the RSPCA. While this number should be dialled by members of the public trying to report animal cruelty, outgoing calls made by our control centre staff witll never display this number. Anyone who received a call from this number should inform the Police by ringing 101

What the RSPCA does not do


The RSPCA does not investigate reports of stolen pets. This is a criminal matter investigated by the Police. RSPCA officers would never approach anyone in public or at their home address purporting to be following up on claims that an animal has been stolen. If anyone contacts you in this way ring the Police on 101

There are very few incidents whereby a genuine RSPCA officer will approach someone out in public unless they have witnessed animal cruelty themselves there and then or if they see an animal in immediate danger such as a dog shut in a hot car.

RSPCA officers have no powers of entry or seizure. This means that an officers can only access your property with your consent or if they are accompanied by the Police with a warrant. The cannot remove your animals unless with your consent or unless the Police seize the animal on their behalf.

If you would like to clarify who they are before allowing them into your home ask to see their ID or contact the helpline 03001234999 using Option 1 which says you are responding to a card left by the RSPCA. You will be put through to the call handlers quickly in order to check their credentials.

RSPCA officers will be wearing branded clothing and will always be carrying their ID. Most of our officers drive white vans that are either wrapped in branding or have small navy RSPCA logos on the side and the rear of the vehicle (although some officers can remove these signs for operational reasons or for their own safety).


Dog thefts are on the increase and the individuals who perpetrate these thefts will stop at nothing to steal peoples much loved pets. Never leave your dog unattended in your garden, outside a shop or in your car. Always keep your doors at home locked. Always keep your dogs within eyesight when exercising them off the lead. Just be constantly aware that there may be someone nearby looking to steal your dog.

Our charity shop on Quay Road in Bridlington has now closed. The shop floor area is quite small and we are unable to put safe social distancing measures in place to protect customers, volunteers and staff. We also have nowhere to store donated goods for 48 hours before we can deal with them.

This is a huge disapointment to our Branch and the decision was not taken lightly but in view of the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic we feel we did not have a choice.


The branch trustees and volunteers are still working extremely hard dealing with animals in need and rehoming is going extremely well under the circumstances. Extensive guidelines were issued by DEFRA to allow the rehoming of animals and all these guidelines have been put in place to protect everyone involved in animal welfare and rehoming.


We would like to thank everyone who has supported our charity shop in the past by whatever means and we hope that at some point in the future we will have a presence in the town again.


As all our fundraising events have been cancelled and our charity shop has closed due to not being able to put safe social distancing measures in place and lack of space for storing donated goods for 48 hours we have very little income coming in but all the bills still have to be paid. Any donations would be really appreciated. You can donate by clicking on the blue button at the top of this page.

Many thanks to everyone who supports us at this very difficult time.

 Forthcoming Events for 2021


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to hold any fundraising events this year.

If you wish to support us, you could join our local Branch Lottery for £1 a week or join our "Friends" and give us a small monthly/quarterly donation. Any offer of support will be really appreciated.

Please email anything you are interested in doing to:


We really need new subscribers to our Lottery now as our number is well below 100 members.If you would like to join our Lottery and have a chance of winning cash prizes then click  the link below to download a Lottery application Form.

It costs just £1 a week (£4.34 a month) and there are three cash prizes every month. The top prize is £50. Second & third prizes are £20 each.

Winning Lottery Numbers

The winning lottery numbers for February are

1st 070

2nd 029

3rd 067

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Hedgehogs in gardens can be fed on dog food or cat food, but not ones containing fish, and given water to drink until they hibernate. Under no circumstances should they be given milk as this can make them really ill or worse. Piles of fallen leaves and small twigs are ideal for them to hibernate over winter in gardens.


Please do not use netting in your gardens or allotments as hedgehogs get trapped in it. We have had many casualties taken to the vets that have been trapped in netting, some of them in a really bad way and some who despite everyones best efforts have sadly not made it.


Hedgehogs should not normallybe out and about in daylight. It is a sign that they are in trouble. Hedgehogs can be taken to our local vets for checking over and given any necessary treatment. They will then go to Jane, our hedgehog volunteer, or another hedgehog rescue.


Please see our designated hedgehog page for more information. 




Every cat that comes into our care has a full health check including being tested for FELV/FIV if appropriate. This is really important and especially so if going into a household that has existing cats. All cats are treated for worms and fleas. Our cats are given treatment for fleas and ticks that last for 3 months. With the exception of young kittens all cats are neutered and micro-chipped prior to adoption. Adopters of young kittens are given a voucher to cover the cost of neutering when the kitten is old enough. All this treatment costs our local branch over £120 for a male cat & £160 for a female. We keep cats in our care for a minimum of 3 weeks until they have been given both vaccinations. It costs £37 a week to board a cat so add that to the veterinary care makes the total cost in excess of £260 even if a cat is lucky enough to find a new home straightaway. Sometimes cats can spend many months in our care before they find their forever home. Many cats also need extra veterinary care, (not many come in in tip top condition!)such as dental treatment.

If you are looking to adopt a cat please look at the lovely pictures on our cats looking for new homes page, download and complete the Perfect Match form or ring 07712459857 for more information on cats and kittens.


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Registered Charity Number



RSPCA Cruelty & Advice Helpline

0300 1234999

This number is available from  7am -10pm 7 days a week


Report Cruelty on line


Get help and advice about animals from the national website


Correspondence Address


60 Moor Lane



YO16 4UU


To adopt a dog or bird

01377 240325


To adopt a cat 



To adopt a rabbit or other small animal



General Enquiries


(This number is not to report animal cruelty - please ring the RSPCA helpline 03001234999 for this)


Bridlington Charity Shop

Our charity shop has closed. Please ring one of the other phone numbers with your enquiry.


Bridlington Fund Raising

Enquiries to our email address


Driffield Fund Raising

01377 252361

Dog Warden (East Riding)

01482 393939




(Please do not leave urgent concerns about cruelty on this e-mail address as it is not manned all day. Ring concerns through to the RSPCA helpline 0300 1234999 which is available from 7am to 10pm 7 days a week



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