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Cats looking for loving homes

If you are fully aware of the expenses of responsible cat ownership and are prepared to give a cat a good home for the rest of its life please download and complete the Perfect Match form from the bottom of this page and return it by email to

Our cat rehoming volunteer will then contact you.

 List updated 26th September 2020

We now have a traffic light system for cats to show potential adopters the cats most in need of a new home. Our cats are cared for in our state of the art cattery but however good the facilities it is not the same as being in a loving home. Six months is a long time for any animal to stay in care.

Red denotes cats that have been with us over 6 months

Amber denotes cats that have been with us between 4 & 6 months

Green denotes cats that have been with us less than 3 months.

Ernie (C65) & Bert (C66)


These two boys are 10 years old. Their story is so sad. They were brought into our care by an RSPCA Inspector as their owner had passed away through self neglect. They were with their owners body for quite a while before they were found. They had obviously been neglected for some time too prior to their owners death.

They are quite understandably two very nervous boys and are very protective of each other. Ernie seems quite sweet and will come for a stroke which he seems to enjoy. Ernie is very protective of Bert and he doesn't seem to like it if anyone goes near him. These cats have been through absolute hell and they need an owner who will be patient with them and let them adjust to their new home in their own time. They do need to be in a home with no children or other pets. 

Tilly (C80) & Tom (C79)


Tilly & Tom are both 15 years old. They have had a bit of a rough time recently as their owner had to go into hospital so we are looking for a lovely new owner who will take care of them and give them all the love they deserve. They have only just arrived in our care but they both seem to be friendly although we have been told that Tom likes his own space too. They cuddle up together a lot of the time so they do need to be adopted together.

Oscar (C72) and Felix (C73)


These are a really friendly pair of cats. They came into our care due to their owners change in circumstances. They are 14 years old but certainly don't act it!. They really are lap cats and enjoy lots of kisses and cuddles. They need to be adopted together as they are always cuddled up together and they give each other kisses as well. So sweet!

C56 - Bagheera aged 15 years


Bagheera is a really lovely, friendly boy. He is very chilled and calm and he enjoys a cuddle. He is looking for a nice quiet home and someone to love. He would be better in an adult only home.

C64 - Harmony aged 10 years


Harmony is a very friendly girl but she does tell you when she has had enough. She would be best to go to a family with older children if there are any. She doesn't seem to like other cats so it would probably be best if she was the only pet in the home. She does love attention from everyone at the cattery but she definitely needs to be in her new home now. She is on tablets for hyperthyroidism but these just go in her food and she eats them. We will cover the cost of this medication after she is adopted.


C74 Finlay & C76 Angus - young adults


These two boys have a very close bond and they must be adopted together or as a threesome with their brother Rory. They were a little bit timid to start with but they are friendly and cuddly once they get to know you. They love being strokes and headbumping.



C50 Lily (2) - aged 12 years


Lily is a lovely friendly girl who is a bit of a lap cat. She can be a bit nervous in a new environment and needs to be given the time to settle into a new home at her own pace. She would be OK in a home with children but no other pets.

C78 Merida  & C77 Arabella


Merida is black & white and around 3-4 years old. Arabella is ginger & white and is 6 years old. They need to be adopted together as they are very close. Merida is a bit timid but once she gets to know you she is very friendly and loves a cuddle. She follows Arabella everywhere! Arabella is very sweet and fussy and she loves attention and strokes.

K64 Minnie Minx - aged 4-5 months


Minnie Minx was found after she had been abandoned at the side of a busy road when she was just 6 weeks old. Since then, this mischievous little lady has grown into a very playful,outgoing girl. She has the most shiny, silky coat. Just like a mini Black Panther with attitude to match! She would love a home with a safe outside space to have adventures in. She is confident with other cats and dogs but would also be happy as an only pet. At the end of a busy Minxy day, Minnie would love the special someones lap to rest and sleep on.



C75 Rory - young adult.


Rory is the brother of Finlay and Angus. He could be adopted with them or on his own. He is a little bit more nervous than his brothers and needs a home with someone who will spend time with him to bring him out of his shell. The cattery is quite a scary to him at the moment but the staff can see that he would be a lovely pet once he got to know someone. He could go to a home with other cats as he came from a place where there were loads of them!

C47 - Smokey - aged 15 years.


Poor Smokey is finding her time in the cattery quite stressful. She found it hard meeting new people when she first arrived too. However the staff have taken everything slowly with her and she is beginning to show how lovely she is now. She loves to come a greet you and she purrs and head bumps.

She needs a nice quiet home with no other pets or children.

To help you find the perfect pet for you, download the Perfect Match form, complete & sign it & return to us at 

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