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Cats looking for loving homes

COVID update


Easing of COVID restrictions means that people who are interested in adopting a cat from us can now visit our cattery again by appointment under COVID secure conditions.

We will have some kittens available in the next couple of weeks but please register your interest by downloading and completing the Perfect Match form (see below) and returning it to us at: Once we have received your form our Cat rehoming volunteer will contact you. Applications cannot be taken by telephone. We prefer our kittens to be adopted in pairs if possible.

If you are fully aware of the expenses of responsible cat ownership and are prepared to give a cat a good home for the rest of its life please download and complete the Perfect Match form from the bottom of this page and return it by email to

Our cat rehoming volunteer will then contact you.

Last updated 26th October 2021

We now have a traffic light system for cats to show potential adopters the cats most in need of a new home. Our cats are cared for in our state of the art cattery but however good the facilities it is not the same as being in a loving home. Six months is a long time for any animal to stay in care.

Red denotes cats that have been with us over 6 months

Amber denotes cats that have been with us between 4 & 6 months

Green denotes cats that have been with us less than 3 months.

To help you find the perfect pet for you, download the Perfect Match form, complete & sign it & return to us at 

Perfect Match Cats Kittens Nov 16 - Cop[...]
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Merry & Pippin - aged 10 weeks


These are two brothers who must be adopted together as they are very bonded. They love cuddles and are very playful. Kittens should not be left alone for long periods as they need lots of attention. They could probably live with a friendly dog.

Pip & Squeak K43 & K44 -

aged 4 months.


These two beauties must be adopted together. They are lovely kittens who are looking for a very special home as they are quite nervous and need someone with time, knowledge & patience to help bring them out of their shell. 


Captain Jack Sparrow - C50


Jack is finally ready for his forever home and he can't wait to meet his new family!

He is a really lovely, friendly boy who will make a wonderful pet for someone. He would be fine to go with children, he loves cuddles & attention and he enjoys being groomed too.

Jack was a stray who was brought into our care by an Inspector as he had a severely damaged eye which on vets advice had to be removed. It has healed beautifully but on arrival ot our cattery he started sneezing.After multiple tests it was found he had Calicivirus which can cause flu like symptoms and mouth ulcers. This has flared up due to stress and will likely settle once he is in a home. This virus cannot be treated but it can be managed.Jack will need to be the only cat in the home and he must be an indoor cat.

Arlo C70 - aged 2 years


Arlo is a Maincoon X and he is a very scared boy. He needs a lot of work to bring him round. We currently get hissed at even from a distance so stroking him at this stage is not happening. Someone who wants the rewarding process of bringing him round is crucial because it will take time for him to get used to people.

Evie C57 - aged 6 years.


Evie is a beautiful, beyond friendly girl who loves nothing but cuddles and climbing on you for even more cuddles. She loves being groomed which is good as she is long haired. It is important that her new owner keeps up with the regular grooming. She would love to be in her new home soon as she has so much love to give.

Winnie C71  - aged 1 year


Winnie is a beautiful little cat who is very timid and she needs someone who can spend plenty of time bringing her round. She can be stroked but needs time learning to love it. She does spend much of her time hidden under her blanket and when we go into her she won't come out just yet but she will let us stroke her. She is getting a bit better every day.

Maisie C69 - aged 4 years


Maisie is such a lovely girlie who has sadly had to be returned to our care. We know from last time she was with us she became a wonderful friendly cat but she hasn't been back with us long so she is still a bit timid again until she gets used to her new surroundings.

Missi C72 - aged 11 years


Missi is a lovely cat who loves to be stroked but on her terms. She enjoys headbumping and rubbing her head on your legs if you sit with her. Sometimes when we stroke her she will bat our hands away if it has get too much for her. 

She just needs time and patience to let her come round in her own time.

Isabelle C38 - aged 2 years


Isabelle is a great character and she would give you a good laugh watching her funny personality. She can be a cuddly cat but on her terms. We would like her to go to a new home with no other cats and maybe an adult only home or one with older children.


Ziggy C40 - aged 6-7 years


Ziggy came into our care from a house that had over 80 cats! Because of this he didn't get much attention. He is still a bit scared but coming round slowly. When there are treats to be had he will now come and accept them from your hand.

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