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Cats looking for loving homes

If you are fully aware of the expenses of responsible cat ownership and are prepared to give a cat a good home for the rest of its life please ring


(This is an answerphone service. Please leave a message and a contact phone number and someone will ring you as soon as possible.)

The £65 adoption fee includes neutering & micro-chipping plus 2 vaccinations against cat flu, enteritis and leukaemia.

All cats are tested for feline leukaemia if appropriate before adoption.

Our adult cats are cared for in our own state of the art cattery but this is situated within a private boarding facility so you are unable to visit until you have been issued with a pass and then you can ring to make an appointment. You will be made aware of the opening times when your pass is issued.

 List updated 20th October 2019

We now have a traffic light system for cats to show potential adopters the cats most in need of a new home. Our cats are cared for in our state of the art cattery but however good the facilities it is not the same as being in a loving home. Six months is a long time for any animal to stay in care.

Red denotes cats that have been with us over 6 months

Amber denotes cats that have been with us between 4 & 6 months

Green denotes cats that have been with us less than 3 months.

K44  Athena aged 1 year


Athena is a lovely, playful girl. She can be a bit timid but with time she will settle fine. She needs someone with time, patience and lots of love to give her.

C78 Buttercup - aged 6 months.


A very friendly girl who likes cuddles. She seems quiet and chilled out but she has only been with us a short while and might not quite have got her paws under the table yet!

Charlie C39 - aged 4.5 years


Charlie is a lovely boy who loves a cuddle. He also likes rubbing around your legs. he is adorable.

Clause - C85 aged 4.5.years


Clause is a really lovely boy who has to have a constant supply of cuddles. He loves his best friend Evie so they must be adopted together. Clause does need to go on a bit of a diet!

Evie - C86 aged 6 years


Evie is so so lovely and friendly. She loves attention, tummy tickles and she rolls over upside down rubbing her head on everything possible including her friend Clause. Its so sweet!. She has to go to her new home with Clause.

Crystal - C60 - aged 1-2 years


Crystal came into care with Lady. She has just finished weaning her kittens. She is a lovely girl who just loves fuss and attention.She does get on well with her sister and we would prefer them to go to a new home together.



Faith - C72 


Faith is a new arrival in our care. We are not sure of her age yet but she is obviously a young cat. She hasn't really had time to settle in yet but the girls at our cattery have seen her loving side so they have a ot of faith (?) that she will come round. She needs to go to a home with someone who will have the patience to help her see that people are lovely really and nothing to be scared of. She has the biggest eyes!

K80/19 - Sooty aged 12 weeks



Sooty is one of 3 kittens rescued from up a tree by the fire brigade. They have been brought up by one of our fosterers and they get on with other cats and are very attached to each other. They are wary of humans they don't know and will need time and patience to adjust to a new home. Soory will come for cuddles now and she purrs non stop



K81/19 - Lucky aged 12 weeks.



Lucky is a friendly little boy. He is 1 of the 3 kittens rescued from a tree by the fire brigade. All three kittens are very attachd to each other and don't like to be apart. Lucky is good with other cats but wary of humans he doesn't know. He will need time and patience to get used to a new home.

K82/19 - Fireman Sam (Sammy) aged 12 weeks


Sam is a lovely boy. He is the brother of the other 2 kittens rescued from up a tree by the fire brigade, hence his name! Due to his bad start in life he is still timid and he will need time and patience to get used to a new home. He is really good with other cats but wary of humans he doesn't know. He will let the girls at the cattery cuddle him now.




K83 Archie - aged 9 weeks.


Archie came into care with his 3 siblings. He is a very confident little man who is always up for a rough and tumble. He is very happy to be cuddled and loves sleeping on his raised bed.




K86 Belle - aged 9 weeks


Belle really loves her food and is always the first in! She is quite vocal and loves a cuddle.

She came into care with her 3 siblings and they have lived with one of our fosterers so they are well socialised and used to living with other cats

K87 & K88 - Thor & Odin DOB 14th July.


Thes two beautiful Tabby boys were born at one of our fosterers along with their two sisters. These two boys are very bonded so we would like them to be adopted together. They are used to dogs, other cats & older children.



K89 - Lily DOB 14th July


Lily is a very pretty and playful girl who loves being with other cats. She is used to dogs, other cats and older children.

K98 Jill & K99 Jack - aged 4 months


These two kittens were found on their own living as feral when they were very young. They have been cared for by one of our very experienced fosterers and they are now very friendly and playful kittens. They must be adopted together as they are very close. Jill is still a bit shy and needs her brother.

K122 Bella - aged 6 weeks (12/10)


Bella is one of the kittens who was found dumped in a skip & rescued by an RSPCA Inspector. They were very young when they were found so have been raised by one of our fosterers. They are all used to normal household noise, other cats, children and a small dog.



K121 Sylvester - aged 6 weeks (12/10)


A very sweet little boy who was rescued from a skip with his siblings

K120 Luna - aged 6 weeks (12/10)


A delightful little kitten who was rescued with her siblings from a skip



K119 Teenie Tina - aged 6 weeks (12/10)


Tina is the smallest of the 5 kittens found in a skip but what she hasn't got in size she more than makes up for in personality. What a little character she is!

K118 Oliver - aged 6 weeks (12/10)


A very sweet little boy who was found in a skip with his siblings.

K129 Chester - ginger male

K130 Peaches - ginger female

K127 Pebbles - tabby male.


These 3 kittens were found in a pig slurry tank along with another little boy who we are keeping a bit longer before we put him up for adoption.


Chester & Peaches must be adopted as a pair but Pebbles can go on his own.

Chester & Peaches are very friendly but Pebbles is still a little bit timid He does purr when you pick him up though. They are all used to other cats and small dogs.

C69 - Lola


A really lovely and very confident cat who loves attention and cuddles. She has been a very good mum to her babies.

Lady - C58 - aged 1-2 years


Lady was very underweight when she came into care. She came in with Crystal who is also a dark Tortie. She is enjoying all the TLC she is getting in the cattery and she deserves to find a home where she can enjoy all the love and cuddles in the world. She is really close to her sister Crystal so we would prefer them to be adopted together.



C81 - Milly - aged 12 years.


Milly came into our care through quite upsettling circumstances.She has only just arrived and she is quite stressed out at the moment but she does seem to like attention.

Penelope - C63 - aged 1-2 years


Penelope has been a bit down in the dumps at the cattery so we would really like to see her go trotting off to her new home as soon as possible where she can get lots of TLC and relax in the sun.

To help you find the perfect pet for you, download the Perfect Match form, complete & sign it & return to us at 

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