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Cats looking for loving homes

If you are fully aware of the expenses of responsible cat ownership and are prepared to give a cat a good home for the rest of its life please ring


(This is an answerphone service. Please leave a message and a contact phone number and someone will ring you as soon as possible.)

The £65 adoption fee includes neutering & micro-chipping plus 2 vaccinations against cat flu, enteritis and leukaemia.

All cats are tested for feline leukaemia if appropriate before adoption.

Our adult cats are cared for in our own state of the art cattery but this is situated within a private boarding facility so you are unable to visit until you have been issued with a pass and then you can ring to make an appointment. You will be made aware of the opening times when your pass is issued.

 List updated 15th June 2019

We now have a traffic light system for cats to show potential adopters the cats most in need of a new home. Our cats are cared for in our state of the art cattery but however good the facilities it is not the same as being in a loving home. Six months is a long time for any animal to stay in care.

Red denotes cats that have been with us over 6 months

Amber denotes cats that have been with us between 4 & 6 months

Green denotes cats that have been with us less than 3 months.

Athena - K44 -  aged 6 months.

Ariel - K48 - aged 5-6 weeks


A delightful little female. One of 5 kittens that came in with their mum.



Antheia - K43 - aged 6 months


A very sweet little girl who came in with her two siblings Antheia & Apollo.



Apollo - K45 - aged 6 months


One of 3 lovely kittens who came in together.

Alfie - K34 - will be 9 weeks on 24th June


Alfie is one of 5 siblings. They are all gorgeous friendly kittens who can ve adopted fron 25th June.

Annie - K30 - aged 9 weeks on 24th June.


A gorgeous little girl. One of 5 siblings who came into care together. She can be adopted from 25th June.

Jack -K33 - aged 9 weeks on 24th June


Another one of the 5 siblings. A lovely friendly boy who will be available for adoption from 25th June.

Reuben - K32 - aged 9 weeks on 24th June.


A sweet, friendly little boy who can be adopted from 25th June.

Tansey - K31 - aged 9 weeks on 24th June


A very sweet little girl who will be available for adoption from 25th June.

Aurora - C53 - age to follow


She is the mum of five of the kittens. She is a really lovely, friendly and cuddly cat.

Bella - C48 aged 9 years


Bella came in with Bessie & Barney. She is a really sweet girl who deserves a loving family. She is good with other cats.

Boris - C41 aged 2 years


Boris is quite an active boy. He desreves to be in a nice new home soon as he is getting a bit stressed in the cattery. He likes lot's of cuddles.

Charlie C39 - aged 4.5 years


Charlie is a lovely boy who loves a cuddle. He also likes rubbing around your legs. he is adorable.

Cookie - aged 8 weeks


A gorgeous friendly female kitten who loves a cuddle. She came into care with her brother Oreo so it would be nice if they were adopted together.




Oreo - aged 8 weeks


Oreo is a lovely little boy. He is a real lively little character who loves fighting with his feather stick



Denver C20 - aged 12 years


A lively playful cat who needs a home where when he has settled into his new surroundings and knows wher he lives he could have a safe environment where he can play outside.

( See a video of Denver playing on our Facebook page)

Dior C32 - aged 14 years


Dior is quite a playful cat and very cuddly. He is also good with other cats. 


Dior is available under our Assisted Adoption Scheme​

Elsa - K49 - aged 5-6 weeks


One of five beautiful kittens who all came in together with their mum

Hercules - K47 - aged 5-6 weeks


One of five lovely kittens who came into care with their mum



Rolo - aged 7 weeks


One of three adorable kittens born to a feral mum. She has now gone to her new home with the lady who was looking after her before she came to us to have her babies. He will be available for adoption when he is 9 weeks old. They have been looked after by one of our fosterers .

Little Nipper - aged 7 weeks.


The third little boy born to a feral mum. He will be available for adoption when he is 9 weeks old.

Shadow - aged 7 weeks.


Another of the three kittens born to a feral mum. He will be avauilable for adoption when he is 9 weeks old.

Mulan - K50 aged 5-6 weeks


A delightful kitten. One of the five who came in with their mum

Leo - C55 - aged 1 year.


Leo is a very lovely and confident boy. He seems a calm, chilled out cat

Loki C8 - aged 1 year


Loki is a Norwegian Forest Cat. He is super loving & friendly. He is really handsome and affectionate too and will need lot's of cuddles in his new home. It seems that Loki is a carrier for Corona Virus but he is a very healthy chap. All this means is he must be an indoor cat and the only cat in the house.

Lola  C52/19 - 1 year


Lola is a really pretty little girl who is very sweet and playful.



Mischief - C36/19 aged 1 year


A delightful little girl who is still a bit unsure of her new enviroment at the cattery. She does like to come for a stroke so we are sure she will come out of her shell soon.

She was only in our care for two days and she gave birth to four gorgeous kittens on Mothers Day!



Poppy C40- aged 6 years


A really lovely girl who is very much a lap cat who adores cuddles all the time. She does need to be the only cat in her new home as she was bullied by cats in her last home so other cats now make her quite stressed.


Tiana - K51 - aged 5 - 6 weeks.


What a little sweetheart she is. She came in with her siblings and her mum.

Tilly - C43 aged 4 years


Tilly is a very friendly fluffy girl who purrs when she sees you. She needs access to outside and a home with no other cats or dogs. because she is so fluffy she will need regular grooming.

Vivee - C51 aged 10 years.


Vivee has had to come back into our care as her devoted owner has sadly passed away. She is a bit timid at the moment as her world must have fallen apart but she will come for a stroke when she knows you are OK. Vivee has been an indoor cat so we are looking for an indoor home for her and it would be best if she was the only cat. She is in very good health as her owner really looked after her well.

To help you find the perfect pet for you, download the Perfect Match form, complete & sign it & return to us at 

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