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Rabbits & Small Animals Looking for Loving Homes

We are now showing our rabbits & other small animals under the traffic light system.

Animals who have been in our care for less than 3 months are shown in green, animals with us between 4 & 6 months are shown in amber & animals over 6 months are shown in red.


The  adoption fee includes a full veterinary health check, neutering, micro-chipping and full course of vaccinations against myxomatosis & VHD.1 & VHD2. 


VHD2 otherwise known as RHD2 is a new disease that is deadly to any rabbit who catches it. It is imperative that all rabbit owners vaccinate their rabbits against this disease.All rabbits adopted from the RSPCA will be vaccinated for this prior to adoption. It is the responsibility of adopters to ensure that their rabbits are given boosters for all these diseases.


Important information to potential new adopters

If you are thinking of giving a rabbit or a pair of rabbits a home, please contact us before you buy a hutch. Our volunteer will give you good advice on hutch sizes and runs to ensure that any pets will have the right environment for a happy & contented life.


If you feel you can offer a rabbit (or two) a forever home then please get in touch by emailing: or telephone Tracy on: 07850190397


Please note! You must be over the age of 18 years to adopt any animal.

Last updated 3rd October 2022


Housing needs for a rabbit


Rabbits are active, intelligent, social animals. They have complex welfare needs that must be met if they to be happy and healthy. Providing housing that meets a rabbits complex environmental and behavioural needs are an important part of responsible ownership.


They need access to sheltered living space and an outdoor excercise area. This must measure no less than 3 metres x 2metres x 1 metre high.


Please ring email our rabbit rehoming volunteer for more information BEFORE buying any housing for your rabbit on: 


Digger R6 aged 3 years


Digger is a male crossbreed who came to us as his owner no longer had the time to take care of him. He is a very friendly boy who came in with 2 other female rabbits so he is used to having company. Both his lady friends have now been adopted so he is looking for a home with a vaccinated and neutered female bunny.





Thumper R3 (2021) aged 3 years.


Thumper is a friendly, confident crossbreed rabbit who is neutered and fully vaccinated. He is one of our longest stay rabbits and he has been returned to us several times as he did not get on with his female companions. With this in mind we think he is best suited to being an only rabbit either living around other rabbits with some sort of interaction with them or being a house rabbit so he will get more one to one interaction with his new owners. Rabbits are very social animals so he will need a home with some sort of activity going on with him. He is litter trained so he would suit an indoor home. He is very friendly and will come running up to you especially is there is food involved! If you feel you can give him a good home please complete the Perfect Match form so we can discuss the best possible home for his needs.


Quin R18 aged 5 months


Quin is a female Harlequin Lop/ Rex. She is a lovely, bright, energetic and inquisitive girl. She is looking for a loving permanentr home with her sieter Queenie. They love to play together and the snuggle up together in their hay rack. Quin has been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

Queenie R19 aged 5 months.


Queenie is a dark grey Lop/ Rex who is a lovely, bright, energetic and inquisitive girl. She is also very athletic and likes to jump on top of her hutch which is quite a leap for a little rabbit so she will need a secure enclosure with a roof to keep her in!

She has been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated and she is looking for a permanent home with her sister Quin. They love to play together and they snuggle up together in their hay rack.

Milo R14  aged 22 months


Milo is the cutest little rabbit! He is a Dwarf Lion Head and weighs less than 3 lbs but he is a real character. He has a slight heart murmur that was discovered a year ago when he was neutered but this does not seem to cause him any problems. He was seen again by a vet recently when he was vaccinated and microchipped. Milo is looking for a home where he can live with another neutered and vaccinated rabbit.

Fudge GP20


Fudge is a lovely Guinea Pig who was left by the side of a road in a box. Luckily he was found by a member of the public and he is now looking for his forever home. He has been health checked and found to be in good condition, neutered & microchipped.

Fudge is such a sweet,sensitive, shy boy who would benefit from someone spending lots of time with him building up his confidence. He would enjoy being bonded with a female or a group of females.

If you can give this gorgeous boy a forever home then please ring 07850190397 and complete our online Perfect Match form.

Coco & Daisy R1 & R2 - aged 18 months


Coco & Daisy are a male & female bonded pair. They came into care through an RSPCA Inspector as their owner could no longer care for them.

They are friendly and just need a little time to get used to being handled. They would be best suited to a family with some experience of rabbits and who are willing to give them plenty of space to explore.

Evie & Thumper


Evie is  a black Lionhead aged 5 years & Thumper, a Lop is 3 years old.

Sadly they came into our care as unwanted pets.

They are a gorgeous bonded pair of rabbits who love to explore and are in good health. They have been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Rabbits do need access to large areas of space to enable typical behaviours.They must have constant uninterrupted access to an area no smaller than 3 metres x 2 metres x 1 metre high to meet our minimum accommodation requirements.

If you can offer this lovely pair a great home please phone Tracy on 07850 190397


Benjamin R4 age unknown


Benjamin is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit who came into our care as his owner could no longer look after him. He is very friendly and just needs a little time to get used to new people. He is neutered and vaccinated and is looking for a new home where he can pair up with another small breed female rabbit that is also neutered and vaccinated.


Betty R8


Betty is a very friendly crossbreed rabbit. She had been left to roam until she was picked up by one of our Inspectors. She has now been fully vaccinated and neutered and she is looking for a home where she can live with a neutered and vaccinated male. She could also be adopted with her sister Pippa.

Pippa R9


 Pippa is a very friendly crossbreed rabbit but she does take a little time to get used to new people. She was found roaming around until she was picked up by one of our Inspectors. She is now fully vaccinated and neutered and she is now looking for a home where she can either live with a neutered and vaccinated male or she could be adopted with her sister Betty.

Frizzle & Patch R28 & R29 -

aged 2 years


Frizzle & Patch are a super cute bonded male and female pair of Lionhead rabbits who have been waiting for their forever home since October 2021. They are friendly but slightly timid bunnies. Before they came into our care they had been living in a hutch inside a darkened room but it didn't take long before they enjoyed the freedom of being outdoors.

They are both neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and they have no current health issues. If you think you can offer a home to these two lovely bunnies you will need to provide them with plenty of space to run around and play. 


To help you find the perfect pet for you, download the appropriate Perfect Match form, fill in & sign & return to us at

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