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Bridlington, Driffield & District Branch


We are always grateful for donations to help with the costs of looking after the many animals in our care. To give us a donation please click on the button on the home page. Thank you.



We spend a lot of time trying to encourage cat owners to have their pets neutered. All animal welfare charities are struggling to cope with the number of unwanted cats and kittens in particular.

We want to encourage people not to buy animals from private sales on social network sites such as Facebook as these pets are unlikely to have had the benefit of a veterinary health check. All animal welfare charities advertise the pets in their care on their websites but all prospective adopters are checked out prior to adopting and if possible  animals are neutered prior to adoption to reduce the number of litters causing even more of a burden on their resources.


Watch this video on Youtube. It is looking at this problem from a cats point of view.


Volunteers needed


We are looking for some new volunteers to foster kittens or rabbits. We always take in a lot of kittens during kitten season and need volunteers to care for them in their own homes until new homes are found for them. This does not usually tke very long so kittens are only with fosterers for a short time. The RSPCA will supply all the equipment, food and litter for the kittens and rabbits.


Anyone interested in fostering kittens should ring 07712459857. For information on fostering rabbits please ring 07850190397



Registered Charity Number



RSPCA Cruelty & Advice Helpline

0300 1234999

This number is available from  8am -8pm 7 days a week


Get help and advice about animals from the national website & if possible and it is safe to do so please take any injured wildlife such as fledglings to a vet as they will be dealt with much quicker. The RSPCA will pay for this.

The nearest available RSPCA Officer may be some distance away which will delay the animal being dealt with.


Correspondence Address

Bridlington RSPCA Charity Shop

29, Prospect Street


East Yorkshire

YO15 2AE


To adopt a dog or bird

01377 240325


To adopt a cat 



To adopt a rabbit or other small animal



General Enquiries


(This number is not to report animal cruelty - please ring the RSPCA helpline 03001234999 for this)


Bridlington Charity Shop

29, Prospect Street


YO15 2AE

Tel: 01262 229030


Bridlington Fund Raising

Enquiries to our email address


Dog Warden (East Riding)

01482 393939




(Please do not leave urgent concerns about cruelty on this e-mail address as it is not manned all day. Ring concerns through to the RSPCA helpline 0300 1234999 which is available from 8am to 7.30 pm 7 days a week



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