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Hedgehog Hotel

The hegehog population is declining at an alarming rate and if this continues the species could be wiped out in 15 years. They are not just a road kill statistic, there are many other reasons such as being poisoned by slugs where slug pellets have been used & fly strike where the poor creatures are being eaten alive by maggots.

We wanted to do what we can to help alleviate this situation and we now have a small facility in Driffield where sick & injured hogs can be looked after by an RSPCA volunteer.

Hedgehogs should not be out in daylight so any that are found should be taken to a vet for an examination. 

Only pet friendly slug pellets should be used on gardens, not just to protect hedgehogs but other animals as well. Gardeners should take care using strimmers as many hogs are killed or injured by these. They can often get trapped in gardens so our advice is to cut a 5 inch square out of a solid fence so that hedgehogs can pass through. They can also fall into garden ponds. Do not disturb piles of fallen leaves in gardens as hedgehogs could be sleeping in them.

In November bonfires should be checked for sleeping hedgehogs before being lit.

Young hedgehogs weighing less than 600 grams will not survive hibernation and anyone feeding hedgehogs in their garden should use dog food preferably but cat food is acceptable as long as it is not fish based. Only fresh water should be offered and certainly no milk.

Jane will gladly offer anyone advice if they find a hedgehog. 



This is Porky. He was found three days after his two siblings covered in fly strike. Jane had to pick literally hundreds of eggs off him! It was touch and go for a while but thanks to all Janes loving care here he is fit and well and being released back into the wild.

Pinky & Perky.

These are Porky's siblings. They were all released together in a safe garden with acres of woodland near where they were found. Three happy and healthy hogs!

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