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Leave a Legacy

If you have left a legacy to the RSPCA or are thinking of doing so and you want Bridlington & District to benefit from your bequest, it is very important that the legacy is worded correctly. If your will just states RSPCA then your entire legacy will go to our Headquarters in Horsham. If this is where you want your legacy to go, you need not take any further action

If however you want your local Branch to receive your bequest then this what you must do

Include the wording "RSPCA for the sole benefit of Bridlington, Driffield & District Branch - registered Charity 232212" This will ensure that the Bridlington, Driffield & District Branch will receive your legacy"

If you need to change an existing will, it is not necessary to redo the will again, you can simply add a codicil for any amendments.

Please do not rely on your solicitor to give you good advice in these matters as they often accept a bequest to the RSPCA as just that and do not ask the question about whether you want the local Branch or the National Society to benefit, therefore legacies do not always go to where the donor intended. If you have any further questions regarding leaving a legacy to the RSPCA, email our Treasurer on Your details will be completely confidential

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0300 1234999

This number is available from  7am -10pm 7 days a week


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01377 240325


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(This number is not to report animal cruelty - please ring the RSPCA helpline 03001234999 for this)


Bridlington Charity Shop

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Tel: 01262 229030


Bridlington Fund Raising

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Driffield Fund Raising

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Dog Warden (East Riding)

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(Please do not leave urgent concerns about cruelty on this e-mail address as it is not manned all day. Ring concerns through to the RSPCA helpline 0300 1234999 which is available from 7am to 10pm 7 days a week



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